What Makes Us Different?

Preparation for Real Life

Amun Shea Students preparing lunch.Our goal is to enhance the inherent skills of our students at meeting real world challenges and at generating opportunities for local economic growth and social well-being.

The program includes nutrition programs and creative expression as essential components of forming a positive can-do attitude, building problem solving skills and creating opportunity, even while in school, to effect lasting change in their communities.

A distinguishing characteristic of Amún Shéa is the level of responsibility and influence the students have in decision-making and definition of program content. We place an emphasis on self-awareness as a determining factor in forming autonomous entrepreneurs who will foster economic growth and social well-being. Indeed, our view is that to speak of empowerment without actually shifting power is counter-productive.

Our students are in a gradual process of assuming administrative and operational roles in food preparation, hygiene, job interviews and representation within the school.   By shifting the control and management of information to the students themselves, students learn accountability and flourish with autonomy, resulting in an impressive array of in-depth and high quality independent projects as well as management skills.

About Us

Amún Shéa, Center for Integrated Development, is categorized as a non-profit educational entity and accredited by the Salvadoran Ministry of Education (MINED.)

We are a project of PERKIN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOUNDATION, INC. (PEOF) a non-profit organization, registered in peof_logo_1.pngthe USA as a public charity 501(c)(3) and in El Salvador as non-profit Foundation.
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Tel / Fax.: (503) 2680-4324
Perquín, Morazán, El Salvador.
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