"Knowledge is like paint. It does no good until is applied."

- Doe Zantamata

Melvin.jpgMelvin Josué García Pereira

Our first graduate! Off to Spain for university studies!

"Amún Shéa taught me to become a capable leader, to make decisions thinking about all the environmental and social aspects. It has given me the tools to become a useful and developed person."

Melvin Josué García Pereira began his studies in Amún Shéa in the fourth grade, in 2010. At that time, Amún Shéa was in the beginning stages of developing it's Problem Based Learning (PBL) methodology.

Melvin_Piña.jpgSome highlights during his study were:

2011: Melvin developed a Business Plan for packaging and commercializing dehydrated pineapple with honey.

2012: In the sixth grade, he formed part of the investigation on potable water quality in the municipality of Perquín, which forced improvements by the authorities.

2013: Melvin participated in the 8th grade thesis titled
"Migratory Phenomenon of the Municipality of Perquín, Social and Economic Impact"

2015: He participated in the design and construction of Amún Shéas first Aguaponic Greenhouse.

2016: Amún Shéa had not yet received the official accreditation by the Salvadoran Ministry of Education for the second year of high school. Melvin enrolled in a virtual course to cover the academic requirements and enrolled in Amún Shéa as well, for the practical and technical applications in the program.

During 2016, a group of high school students from Amún Shéa and the National Institute of Perquín, formed a cooperative, developed a business plan and designed and built the second aguaponic greenhouse at Amún Shéa. Melvin was the President of the student cooperative and the lead on the planning and implementation of the project.   

Now in 2017, Melvin is packing his bags and heading off to Santander, Spain to the European Atlantic University where he will study Food Sciences and Technology as a major, and minor in Agricultural and Food Science Engineering. Melvin is interested in the development for food products and has the goal of establishing a food product business.

We wish Melvin all the best with his studies and are confident of his ability to reach the goals he has set. We look forward to watching his future impact on Morazán.

"If Amún Shéa continues to implement the formation of people in this manner, we could very well become a hub of development, both on the local and national level."

Melvin Josué Garcia

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