Just What is the Purpose

of Education?

Flower.jpgOur Philosophy

Education is a learning process relevant to the local environment and should be based on socio-economic developmental opportunities within the geographical area and familiarity of the student. Research, experimentation and development of processes and products must complement technical and scientific knowledge with critical thinking capable of influencing public policy, of planning, debate and negotiation. Education is real life.


Program.jpgOur Program

Problem Based Learning focused on local developmental issues through on-site investigation, building proposals and applying solutions at the ground-level.
Nutrition: A basic cornerstone in human development. The program includes nutrition training and workshops, medical checkups and monitoring and the planting, processing and consumption of vegetables, fruits, proteins and grains.
Creative Achievement: Awakening the inner power through Performing and Visual Arts, Sports, Languages and Mental Health.


Planificacion.jpgOur Method

Combining personal interests with self-instructional digital technology creates a highly personalized and adaptable learning environment for each student.

The educational program, business plans and projects are structured according to the personal interests of each student. A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is the “tool kit” which our students will use and update throughout their lives as needed. This emphasis on digital tools and resources actually levels the playing field for our students, giving them access to the same information and processes as students in what are considered more favorable conditions.


Role of Education

We believe that education must assume responsibility for local economic growth and social health. Education benefits the community not only by developing well-prepared citizens for the future, but through the learning process itself, which has positive impact on present-day challenges.  Many understand the importance of linking education to local settings or surroundings, but we go one step further: we maintain that real learning must not and does not stop at observation, but must include interaction.


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