Students_in_Training.JPGThe best way to learn is by teaching

Student Teachers

On May 5, 2017, a MATHEMATICAL REASONING workshop was carried out, with the help of a specialist of our partner ConTextos, as part of the strengthening of the Integrated Educational System of Perquin (SIPER). A total of 13 teachers from the SIPER, the Educational Technical Advisor of the district, a teacher from the municipality of Torola and one from San Fernando participated. The big surprise was that 6 students from Amún Shéa also participated: Alondra, Jeovana, Dayana, Rodrigo , Oscar and Jonathan; learning along with the other teachers.

Students_in_Training2.JPGThe facilitator developed and explained the mathematical logic exercises for teachers to implement in the classroom in a playful, contextualized manner and with simple materials to develop. As the workshop developed, work groups were held where at least one student participated in each team. Once seeing that the most active participation was that of the students, the facilitator named them as her direct collaborators to coordinate the rest. In the end our students basically took over and were in charge of the final round of training.

Students_teaching.JPGAfter the workshop, these students organized and implemented the replica of the workshop with all the students and teachers of Amún Shéa, at each grade level. They developed the materials and adapted the exercises for the grades ranging from nursery school to high school. For the youngest, the exercises were according to their age, with one or two digit sums, and in the case of the third cycle, high school and teachers, they used more complex exercises that included algebra. This was how these young people became the teachers of their teachers and other colleagues during the days of the workshop.
Students_teaching2.JPGOscar and Jovanna also participated in the pedagogical teacher training carried out by 4 schools of the Integrated System of Perquin, helping and advising teachers on how to elaborate the materials to be used for the exercises, sharing their experiences on the efectiveness of games according to the ages and commenting of their personal experiences in the replica. In a next step, their participation in the classrooms of other schools of the SIPER will delve more in the contextualization of the games and of new ways to learn mathematics. In this way they are becoming teachers of teachers and students and of other nearby schools.

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