Integrated development center Amún Shéa, for a relevant education to the environment

Perquín, Morazán, El Salvador.

Who we are

Amún Shéa

Amún Shéa is a private, non-profit educational project based in the municipality of Perquín, Morazán. The Center was founded in 2008 with the purpose of training young people with leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and professional technical capacity, committed to improving their lives and that of their communities.

In a special way, we work so that young women become agents of change in their reality, stimulating their participation on equal terms in the development processes of their environment. Through an innovative educational program duly approved by the Ministry of Education of El Salvador, our students make practical applications of their academic knowledge to discover opportunities for personal and social development.

The Center was also created to constitute a laboratory that offers a constructive contribution for the constant improvement of education in El Salvador. To do this, it works alongside state, municipal and community institutions to find the answers that education can bring to a challenging reality.

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Learning Priorities

Numerous diagnoses confirm the need to invest in childhood and youth education. This stage is crucial for the future development not only of the boys and girls but also for the country. Like most Salvadoran households, those in Morazán have also lived in a vicious cycle of violence, exclusion of women, environmental degradation, migration, lack of job opportunities, and disruption of the social fabric. Based on these considerations, PEOF-AMÚN SHÉA has established six priorities in which, based on the official curriculum of the Ministry of Education of El Salvador, the educational project of the Amún Shéa Integral Development Center is focused in:

Assume the "Ruta de Paz" concept as a value for the children's lives, youth, and families of Morazán. Offer tools to formulate valuable life plans among children and adolescents enrolled in the school system. Foster a culture of respect for the right of young people to study and decent employment. Foster a culture of "Education for life" so that children and young people are forged in self-discipline, self-motivation, and responsibility.

Empowerment of girls and young women to assume leadership in their families and environment, and to enjoy equal educational, employment, health, etc. conditions. Ensure parity between men and women among the student population. Promote the reproductive rights of girls and adolescents, with an emphasis on health and prevention of adolescent and early pregnancy. Reduction of domestic violence, against women and girls and eradicate the legitimation of violent behavior to educate or as a valid mechanism to resolve conflicts.

Promote greater knowledge about the history, causes and effects of internal and international migration in El Salvador. Promote a new model of global citizenship, actively committed to achieving a more equitable and sustainable world. Appropriate by the students criteria and certified methodologies for research and data collection. Knowledge of the composition, characteristics and culture of the migrant population abroad, as an important part of the Salvadoran population.

Combat historical amnesia, fostering roots, pride, and respect for historical memory. Cultivate respect for the diversity of identities that make up Salvadoran society and, in particular, that of eastern El Salvador. To promote in children and young people the knowledge and preservation of their context: geography, its biodiversity, and natural resources. Make Morazán the first department in El Salvador with a bilingual student population. Stimulate personal creativity among children and young people and the development of divergent thinking that enables them to find new ideas for problem-solving and their solution.

Ensure a permanent and sustainable program of production, nutrition and hygiene aimed at children and young people in situations of environmental vulnerability. Expand the productive base and participate in actions and influence the mitigation of risks in the population derived from the effects of climate change. Promote greater knowledge and understanding of climate change and its manifestations in the department of Morazán. Develop and apply a concept of Agroecological Schools in the department of Morazán.

Specialized courses and diplomas integrated into the general baccalaureate that allow the development of technical-professional skills in children and young people in Norte de Morazán. Universalize in the student population of Morazán skills in the use of technological tools and resources. Identify the labor, technical and professional demands of the labor market in the eastern part of the country.

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