Who we are

Amún Shéa

Amún Shéa is a private, non-profit educational project based in the municipality of Perquín, Morazán. The Center was founded in 2008 with the purpose of training young people with leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and professional technical capacity, committed to improving their lives and that of their communities.

In a special way, we work so that young women become agents of change in their reality, stimulating their participation on equal terms in the development processes of their environment. Through an innovative educational program duly approved by the Ministry of Education of El Salvador, our students make practical applications of their academic knowledge to discover opportunities for personal and social development.

The Center was also created to constitute a laboratory that offers a constructive contribution for the constant improvement of education in El Salvador. To do this, it works alongside state, municipal and community institutions to find the answers that education can bring to a challenging reality.

Our Philosophy

We share the concern of society about citizen insecurity, migratory flight and the lack of a link professional technician in El Salvador, who keep the country trapped in chronic underdevelopment.

We share the vision that, in the long term, education is the only solution to the challenges presented today. For this, it is necessary that education offers practical results that immediately improve the quality of life of the student, their family and its environment.

We join the efforts of the Ministry of Education and other public bodies and private to meet the general objectives of national education, reflected in the General Law of Education, objectives that we summarize in the formation of a person of integrity, autonomous and successful.

Our contribution to this effort consists of applying the national curriculum to the environment of the north of Morazán, with features of its ancient and contemporary history, and with a problem solving methodology and practical application in the field.

We recognize the technical capacity component as essential for development economic, which must be enriched with creative imagination and cultivated in a environment of social harmony that gives young people the opportunity to reach the full developing.


Encourage a change in attitude, the building of skills and the creation of opportunities to contribute to socio-economic and cultural development through education.


Human training as an agent of change in the growth of sustainable productive opportunities in harmony with the environment to contribute to the transformation of the reality of underdevelopment that is perpetuated and traps the northern region of Morazán in El Salvador.

Our Team

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